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Kyle Kerr


About Me

Kyle Kerr grew up in the Okanagan, where he was born and reared. For the past 16 years, he has called Victoria home. He completed all of the required schooling for his Realtor license, including marketing courses at Camosun College. Since then, he has worked hard to meet all of his educational requirements as a real estate agent, as well as taking additional education classes to expand his knowledge.

Kyle Kerr has a lot of stuff he's proud of throughout the years. There's a distinct sense of pleasure and satisfaction for each client he assists in buying or selling a home. He's also helped several investors complete transactions, aided community members with real estate issues, and supplied economic insights to help others.The fact that he has won multiple MLS awards is something he is very proud of. In 2018, he was elected President of the Victoria Real Estate Board, a position he holds with pride. Kyle Kerr is also a proud recipient of the REMAX Spirit of the West Award for Community Involvement.

​Kyle Kerr is a huge sports lover in addition to working tirelessly for his clients. He primarily enjoys football and basketball, but he also enjoys softball, volleyball, lawn bowling, and other sports. He can frequently be observed participating in or observing various sports.In his spare time, he likes to go trekking and spend time in nature. He goes to fitness boot camps on a regular basis to keep himself in shape. He also enjoys working out with his friends in the gym.Kerr enjoys nice meals as well as a good cup of freshly prepared coffee. With a cup of coffee in hand, it's simple to spot him.

He also enjoys traveling, with Portugal, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, as well as Germany, among his favorite destinations. In the future, he intends to undertake even more traveling. Kyle Kerr has always been fascinated with space and everything it encompasses.

Kyle Kerr has devoted a significant portion of his life to assisting those in need through a variety of organizations and initiatives. He has given his time and money to a number of charitable organizations. HeroWork, Rainbow Kitchen, Kool Aid Society, KidsSport Victoria, CFAX Santa's Anonymous, Cystic Fibrosis Society of Canada, ALS Society, and the Fernwood Community Association are among the organizations participating. He's always looking for new methods to help those in need, and he's always willing to fund organizations that come to him.

He also spends time coaching children sports as a volunteer. As a result, he can put his passion for athletics to good use by assisting others who may lack a strong, supportive environment. This is on top of the time he devotes to the Good Game Charity Society, which he co-founded.

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